Silkscreens and Linocuts

Tropical Surf Artist Heather Brown, creates hand made linocuts and silk screens which have inspired her painting career.

Heather Brown Art Silk Screens are made by stretching artwork over a frame and pressing ink through the screen with a squeegee.  Linocuts are designs cut into a linoleum surface with a sharp knife; ink is then applied to raised elements to leave imprint a reverse image onto printing surface.  All prints come with signed matte and custom frame.

"Sometimes we use our surfboards as drying racks, sometimes I lose a print or two due to cat paws, but I love the organic feel of making creations like (these).  I still burn all the images on my screens using the sun; no darkrooms or light boxes.  I still hand pull each color of each image, hand sign, number and matte each piece."   - H. Brown

This hands-on approach by the artist, continues to be one of Heather Brown's favorite art forms.

Zoomorphic Portraits Linocuts   Other Silkscreens and Linocuts