Heather Brown


About Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown

When you look at Heather Brown’s art, you might notice that peaceful tranquility falls over you. 

Whether you’re reminded of the beauty of Hawaii depicted in each picture or the rush that accompanies surfing a wave, there’s no question that Heather’s art inspires us to be at peace and live Aloha.

Growing up in Southern California, Heather was raised by a family of artists and it’s no surprise that her talents were inherited at a young age. During her earlier years, Heather wanted to be a veterinarian or work with animals. 

However, since moving to Hawai'i in 1999, Heather has made it her purpose to bring attention to the beauty of the oceans surrounding these beautiful islands.   

Heather’s goal is to create artwork that inspires people while protecting the oceans and the environment against pollution for all to enjoy for years to come. She hopes her artwork inspires you to find the beauty in your surroundings while connecting to nature and the Earth. 

Heather’s Education and Achievements 

Heather discovered her calling to be an artist and nature-promoter at a young age. She followed her dream into her early adult years by working as a boat captain and dive-master while putting herself through college. 

She attended The University of Hawaii and obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts, where she fell in love with the island and utilized her talent to perfectly capture the island’s beauty for the rest of the world to enjoy. 

During her studies, Heather focused on the "lost arts" of intaglio printmaking, silkscreen printing, linocuts, woodcuts, and etchings, from which her iconic style was born and bred. 

Heather’s work has gained more than just local attention. Her amazing attention to detail and ability to capture the true meaning of Aloha has earned her a worldwide reputation as a respected artist. 

She has been referred to as the “Godmother of Modern Surf Art” by the Los Angeles Times and was named the “Best Artist In Hawaii” for four years in a row. Additionally, Heather was chosen as Rip Curls “Artist of the Search” for five years in a row. 

These achievements encouraged her to expand her artwork to include her clothing line called “Heather Brown for Rip Curl.” During this time, she has created art for The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, Jack Johnson’s Kōkua Festival, and The Surfrider Foundation. 

She has also founded Heather Brown Galleries in Tokyo and Osaka. She continues to work with numerous non-profits around the world and always makes sure to give back when possible. 

Heather Brown - More Than Just Surf Art

Heather’s art can be seen in galleries around the world, but her humble nature shines through in her bright and infectious smile. 

Her artwork has found its way into some of the most elite and private collections of fellow artists, musicians, professional athletes, and Hollywood’s finest, as well as in happy homes in every corner of the globe. All of her pieces are painted and printed in the paradise of Hawaii. 

However, Heather offers more than just surf art. In addition to her clothing line, Heather specializes in a variety of prints, totes, bags, drinkware, Christmas items, and so much more.

Here’s a complete list of the items you can find on Heather’s website:

Heather’s artwork has been presented in Japan for many years, in partnership with Greenroom Gallery.  She has been the headline artist at the Greenroom Festival, the headline artist at Hankyu Hawaii Fair, and participated in numerous other Hawaii-themed festivals and exhibits.

Heather’s artwork has also been distributed in South Korea, in partnership with Denizz. She has been featured at the new Aloha Festival at the Hyundai i'Park Mall, which is Seoul's largest shopping and entertainment complex and is currently represented at a variety of retail outlets.

Heather’s Daily Inspiration 

Heather’s days often start early with Chaga mushroom coffee and some computer work. She answers emails and checks social media. Then she’s off to hot Bikram yoga and spends the rest of her day in the studio where she lets the beautiful beaches and oceans of Hawaii become her inspiration. If the surf is good that day, her plans may change. 

As a lover of nature, Heather enjoys surfing just as much as she enjoys creating artwork. Her ideas come to her when she is being active - walking, hiking, biking, or just driving around her island home. 

Together with her husband Chris, who also doubles as her manager and co-creator of High Tide and Green With Aloha (Heather’s clothing company), Heather spends her day letting nature inspire her. As a great artist himself, Heather’s husband also aids in her inspiration. 

Artwork That Touches the Masses

Heather hopes her artwork reaches everyone seeking happiness - all the way from youth to the elderly. Her imagery focuses on the tropical beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. 

Even if you’ve never been to Hawaii, Heather’s artwork will make you feel a familiar ting that accompanies your favorite destination spot. When she’s not in the studio making incredible artwork, you can find Heather surfing at her favorite spots - Pops and Waikiki. 

If you stop in at her home while she’s working, you’ll be accompanied by her cats and dogs, light music playing in the background, and a gentle breeze and natural light sweeping through her studio. 

She hopes her artwork inspires those who enjoy the natural beauty of our oceans to take a proactive approach in keeping them clean for all to enjoy. Limiting pollution, preserving nature, and being one with her surroundings can be reflected in every piece Heather puts on display. 

Her favorite artwork includes surfer girls and rainbows. You can also check out her amazing pictures of nature, the beautiful islands of Hawaii, and all things nature-related.