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HD Metal Prints

Featuring a unique glare-resistant matte finish and ultra vivid colors, Heather Brown's HD metal art prints are the perfect way to showcase your favorite Hawaii surf artwork in sleek, minimal style!

Metal print edge detail of artwork rainbow Spray by Hawaii surf artist Heather Brown
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      Aluminum Metal Artwork Prints Inspired by Ocean, Nature, Surfing, & Hawaii Lifestyle

      Heather Brown's artwork on metal collection features highly popular art that focuses on capturing the true essence of Hawaii beaches, surf breaks, plants, waterfalls, rainbows, and Hawaiian lifestyle.  Her bright color and iconic abstract style deliver the joy of the Hawaiian Islands to homes all around the world. Heather's contemporary metal wall art is an eye catching decoration for any home wall.

      Aluminum Metal prints

      These metal prints are partially made with recycled aluminum, and the prints are 100% recyclable.  No frame is needed to hang these - they have a float mount on the back that allows you to simply hang on the wall, the modern floating style creates an appealing display.  The metal prints come with a matte finish, so that glare is reduced. With the back mount, the prints' depth is about 0.8".

      Depending on each image's orientation, currently available sizes include: 8"x10", 11"x14", and 16"x20".

      Browse all of Heather Brown's wall art on metal aluminum panels and bamboo panels and bring a piece of aloha into your home decor!