Paper Giclée Prints

Each of Heather's limited release and limited edition paper giclée prints are handmade in Hawaii. Printed on textured fine art paper and finished with hand-deckled edges, these prints are a fun way to bring Heather's Hawaii-inspired art into your home!

Hawaii Surf Art Print by Heather Brown with Hand Deckled Edges
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      Hawaii Inspired Artwork on Watercolor Paper with Beautiful Deckled Edges

      Heather Brown's limited edition and limited release giclée prints on paper are made with Aloha in Honolulu. Heather's team uses state-of-the-art scanning technology to capture every detail and brushstroke from the original painting, and each image is meticulously color matched against the original artwork to ensure accuracy.

      The hand deckled edges of these prints give each one a unique and organic aesthetic. The torn, uneven edges create texture and visual interest that allow the artwork to stand out when framed. The nostalgic and vintage appeal of the deckled edges is reminiscent of old papermaking techniques, giving the finished product even more character! 

      These paper prints are available either float mounted under glass in a matte black frame to highlight the print's artistic deckled edges, or carefully rolled in a mailing tube for your choice of how it's displayed.