Original Art

While studying fine art at the University of Hawaii, Heather focused primarily on the "lost arts" of intaglio printmaking, silkscreen printing, linocuts, and woodcuts. Heather's artistic foundation in relief printing techniques are central to her unique style - and these one-of-a-kind pieces capture how it all began!

A linocut print of two birds with different shades of green by Hawaii surf artist Heather Brown
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      What is Printmaking?

      Printmaking is a versatile artistic process that involves creating multiple reproductions of an image, typically on paper or fabric. Heather uses a variety of techniques, including linocut and silkscreen printing. Unlike reproductions such as giclée prints, which are digital copies of original artworks, linocut and silkscreen prints are considered original art forms due to their unique creation process.

      For linocut printing, Heather carves a design into a block of linoleum, leaving raised areas that will hold ink. The ink is then applied to the block, and the image is transferred onto paper by pressing it against the inked block. Each print in a linocut edition is individually inked and printed, resulting in subtle variations that make each print unique.

      Silkscreen printing, also known as screen printing, involves creating a stencil on a mesh screen, with the design areas open and the non-design areas blocked. Ink is forced through the screen onto the printing surface, typically paper or fabric, using a squeegee. Like linocut prints, each silkscreen print is individually made by Heather, allowing for variations in color application, ink density, and texture, making each print an original work of art!

      Linocut and silkscreen prints are considered original art because they require the direct involvement of the artist throughout the creation process. Each print is handcrafted, with the artist personally inking and printing every impression. The physical nature of the printmaking process, along with the potential for subtle variations in each print, distinguishes them as unique works of art with their own artistic value.