Heather Brown's 2005 Bachelor of Fine Art Show Linocuts: Zoomorphic Portraits
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Heather Brown's 2005 Bachelor of Fine Art Show linocuts:
Zoomorphic Portraits

"I created these linocuts for my Bachelor of Fine Arts show that I named Zoomorphic Portraits. This was at a time that I was cleaning the old aquarium in Waikiki on Kalakaua Ave and feeding the fish a couple times a day and doing a lot of diving trips as a dive master and Captain on the North Shore Of Oahu. As I was spending so much of my time with fish and sea creatures, it only made sense to do my show around them. They would all start showing me such funny characters, that I felt it would be perfect to do "portrait sessions" with each of them showing their different sides and emotions. This was a super fun project and it was the first time I hand made all my frames too!" - H. Brown

Heather Brown Art Linocuts are designs cut into a linoleum surface with a sharp knife; ink is then applied to raised elements to leave imprint a reverse image onto printing surface.  All prints come signed and inserted into a custom frame.

This hands-on approach by the artist, continues to be one of Heather Brown's favorite art forms.