Shades of Hawai'i #4 Travel Clutch - Travel Clutch similar to Samudra Bag by Heather Brown Art
Shades of Hawai'i #4 Travel Clutch - Unique Cosmetic Case and Clutch by Hawaii artist Heather Brown
Travel Clutch with Shades of Hawaii Artwork by Heather Brown

Shades of Hawaii #4 Travel Clutch

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A trip to the beach shouldn't be about baggage. This beach bag, one of the newest additions to the every day collection by Heather Brown Art, is the perfect size for bringing what you need on your next beach excursion or wherever you need to go. This beautiful pink and white clutch was designed by Heather Brown and features her Hawaiian art "Shades of Hawaii #4."

  • Measures 10.5" x 13." 

  • Soft cotton canvas.

  • Features an iconic surf image & bird screen print on lining.

  • Heavy zipper.

  • Perfect for an iPad.

Stop using one-time use plastic and paper bags and go Green With Aloha!

Tropical Hawaii artist Heather Brown has gained a worldwide reputation for her unique style and depictions of idealistic Hawaiian landscapes including sandy beaches, epic waves, figurative surfers, and exotic tropical flowers.