Sustainably Sourced
Bamboo Panel Prints

Heather's bamboo panel prints are full of character! The unique grain of each panel makes every print one-of-a-kind, and you can feel good about your purchase knowing that each print is made with sustainably sourced materials.

Coconut trees and tropical flowers framing a beautiful seascape by Hawaii surf artist Heather Brown
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      Bamboo Panel Artwork Prints Inspired by Ocean, Nature, Surfing, & Hawaii Lifestyle

      Heather Brown's artwork on bamboo panel collection features some of her best original art that focuses on capturing the true essence of Hawaii beaches, surf breaks, plants, waterfalls, rainbows, and Hawaiian lifestyle. Her bright color and iconic abstract style deliver the joy of the Hawaiian Islands to homes all around the world. 

      Bamboo wood prints

      These sustainable bamboo print panels are made with 100% solar power using the world’s most eco-conscious and organic materials. Bamboo art prints are one of the fastest-growing, renewable resources in the world. With its properties comparable to hardwood, bamboo is the ideal alternative to increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods. Because the bamboo plant does not die after harvesting (as with trees) there is no deforestation which makes it the most sustainable choice!

      Each wood panel painting print is full of character and completely unique due to the wood's natural grain, and are extremely durable measuring 3/4" thick. They go through several rounds of hand-sanding to provide a glass-like finish and are printed with a matte finish using eco-friendly printing processes.

      These bamboo wood prints can be ordered in two dynamic ways. Either fully printed to the edges of the panel or a border option that shows some of the natural bamboo around the print, giving it a framed effect and highlighting the beautiful organic bamboo grain. Also available in 4 sizes: 8"x8", 8"x10", 11"x14", and 12"x12".