North Shore Rainbow: My Vibrant Ode to Nature's Beauty

In creating art, some creations stand out as more than just visuals to me; they become a vivid embodiment of the natural world's magnificence. My painting, “North Shore Rainbow” shows harmonizing botanical and coastal elements blending into a sight to behold

art print of rainbow over ocean with flowers and fauna by heather brown

I started painting this piece after we got home from the beach after watching Chris surf at Off the Wall, one of the North Shore of Oahu's famed spots. My thoughts below were my thoughts as I painted this piece over the next few days.

The vibrant blossoms give entrance to the artwork. These botanical gems are symbolic of grace and beauty, representing the tropical allure of the Hawaiian Islands and the Hawaiian people.

I love the juxtaposition of mixing the vivid hues of the turquoise ocean  with the lush greenery of the North Shore. It's always a mesmerizing palette, where the vibrancy of marine life meets the serene shades of the plant kingdom.

Of course, the central focus  is the vibrant  rainbow that emerges like a bridge between land and sky.  I’ve always felt that Rainbows are nature's gift and embody everything about life.

metal print by heather brown of north shore rainbow art

North Shore Rainbow is available as a matted print on environmentally correct acid free archival paper in 3 sizes as well as Metal prints in 3 sizes. Original and all Limited Editions on canvas have already sold out.

Thank you for taking the time to read and for your continued support of small businesses and my art!

Heather Brown at her art studio on the north shore of Oahu


I've been lucky enough through the last 20 years of being a professional artist to see many reviews of my pieces. Here are a few that I felt the author really took the time to think about how the art made them feel. And such kind words are always nice to hear! ha ha!


Heather Brown is a renowned artist known for her exceptional talent in capturing nature's essence, has beautifully intertwined the coastal splendor of Oahu's North Shore with the enchantment of a rainbow in this artwork. Brown has mastered bringing the viewer into The Botanical Kaleidoscope that we always expect from “the Godmother of Modern Surf Art” “


“For the art aficionados and nature enthusiasts, Heather Brown's North Shore Rainbow is a must-see. If you're searching for beachy beauty and coastal charm, this artwork encapsulates it all.”


Heather Brown's North Shore Rainbow painting is more than just a visual delight; it's a testament to nature's artistry. The waves, kissed by the Hawaiian sun, weave their own intricate patterns framed in by Hawai’i’s most popular symbol, the ever present rainbows”


"Heather Brown's North Shore Rainbow is a masterpiece that transcends the canvas. It's a botanical symphony that connects us with the beauty of nature and the magic of the Oahu’s North Shore. Whether you're an art collector or simply someone who appreciates the wonders of our natural world, Heather Brown’s artwork is a visual treat worth exploring."



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