Lazy Hibiscus by Heather Brown, Embracing the Beauty of Hawaii's Tropical Paradise



Tropical surf art painting showing Cresting wave, pink hibiscus, and lush foliage by Heather Brown.

Imagine stepping into a realm where the rhythmic sounds of crashing waves resonate with the sweet fragrance of blooming hibiscus flowers, banana's on the tree ready for picking and the calming greens of the mountains in the distance. "Lazy Hibiscus" is available as a 25 piece limited edition canvas giclée as well as a matted print on sustainable and recycled sugar cane paper available with or without the artistic frames we make on the North Shore of Oahu. My hope was to  artfully weave together the essence of Hawaii's natural wonders and surf culture, to capture the hearts of art enthusiasts, surf and beac admirers and nature lovers 

matted print of surf artist heather brown painting showing breaking waves, pink hibiscus flower, banana tree and green mountains in the background

I am always striving to share Nature's Beauty

 Harmonizing the vibrant elements of Hawaii's tropical paradise. Lazy Hibiscus is alive showing the Breathtaking tropical seascape, with a cresting wave that  captures the exhilarating spirit of the island's surf culture. Does this bring you into the world of water and adventure, where the waves seem to invite you for a thrilling ride? I sure hope so!

canvas painting of heather brown surf art showing waves, pink flowers, green mountains and a banana tree
I have always loved to sit on the beach gazing at the turquoise ocean, the dancing hibiscus and the green serenity of the mountains in the background 

As your gaze moves beyond the shore, you encounter the lush foliage of a banana tree, its large green leaves creating a sense of tranquility and serenity. The banana tree is symbolic of abundance and growth. It's a gentle reminder of the natural cycles that flourish in this idyllic Hawaiian paradise.

Stretching majestically across the horizon the green mountains show how these natural giants forming the very essence of Hawaii's awe-inspiring landscapes. The distant mountains hint at the allure of exploration and discovery, inviting you to venture beyond the shore and delve into the heart of the islands.


I hope you enjoyed viewing my new art and reading the story behind my process.

Aloha Always, Heather 

photo of modern surf artist heather brown in her gallery in Kapaa kauai Hawaii


"Lazy Hibiscus" by Heather Brown is an enchanting masterpiece that captures the essence of Hawaii's tropical paradise. With its vibrant hibiscus blooms, cresting waves, serene greenery, and majestic mountains, the artwork offers a glimpse into the soul of the Hawaiian islands. Heather Brown's artistic prowess takes viewers on a journey to a world where nature's beauty and surf culture collide in perfect harmony. Owning a limited edition of this artwork is like having a piece of Hawaii's enchantment forever preserved, ready to inspire and rejuvenate with each passing glance." -James Sullivan, Gallery Owner