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Ocean, Nature, Surfing & Aloha


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The renowned Hawaii-based surf artist has helped create one of the classic guitar brand Fender's wildest models yet!  Fender just released an all-new guitar – a nautical-themed Original Canvas Esquire design in collaboration with surf artist Heather Brown.

The seaside-inspired, “wavy”-in-every-sense-of-the-word Telecaster model features the artwork of renowned Hawaii-based surf artist Brown, and was released as part of an absurdly limited run comprising only 15 units that quickly sold out in only one hour.

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Heather Brown
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Hawaii Surf Artist

Heather Brown

Iconic Hawaii surf artist whose inspiration comes from the preservation of nature & the surfing lifestyle. One of Hawaii's most award-winning artists, Heather's art can be seen in galleries around the world. Learn more about Heather and how she hopes her art will inspire you to "Live Aloha" daily. 

Meet Heather