Big Waves in Waikiki inspire the Heather Brown piece, Waikiki Holiday

With summer right around the corner, the South Pacific comes out of it's long slumber and provides the South Shores of The Hawaiian Islands with a few months full of great surf! Just this week we have gotten the largest swell of the year so far and all of the Honolulu surfers are finding themselves making the decision of what spot to surf on these postcard perfect Hawaiian Days.
I met my husband, Chris, Surfing out in Waikiki 14 years ago and we still love our days of surfing together in the shadow of Leahi (Diamond Head) Waikiki is such a special place to be as surfer, with the long lineage of surfing passed down through the years from the birthplace of surfing itself. This fact is never lost on us as we continue to be grateful that we get to enjoy this lifestyle on a daily basis.
Sometimes when you can't be in that special place physically, it's nice to be able to gaze at your favorite picture of your paradise!



Heather Brown Surf Art painting depicting a couple on the beach in Waikiki about to paddle out to go surfing with Diamond Head in the background

 Heather Brown's Waikiki Holiday Painting