Sunset Swell by Heather Brown


I painted the first Sunset Swell study in 2011-2012 after a fun late afternoon surf at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu. Sunset Beach was in perfect form that day. The waves, wind and beautiful sunny weather all combined to make it a day to remember. After surfing we ran to Ted's Bakery and came back to watch the sunset and enjoy some Haupia Pie. That evening the sun was glowing through the breaking waves and creating the most beautiful hues of greens, blues and yellows. The tourists were clapping and hooting, the locals enjoying some pau hana time with friends and families and the last surfers of the day coming in and turning around in amazement to watch the beauty that nature shows us.
I am so thankful everyday that I am able to live in Hawai'i even after 25 years my love and appreciation for the land, the sea and the people hasn't changed at all!
painting of sun setting over beautiful waves with palm trees in foreground by Heather Brown surf art
Sunset Swell is available as a matted print in 3 sizes with optional frames that we make on the North Shore of Oahu.
print of heather brown painting of waves rolling to shore with sunset in the background and palm trees in the foreground
Print art framed of waves rolling towards beach during colorful sunset by heather brown
We also offer Sunset Swell as a sleek, modern aluminum print available in multiple sizes. These prints are great for a more modern, simple feel. Light and easy to hang right out of the box. These gorgeous metal prints are processed much quicker than the canvas giclees as well if you are in more of a rush but want to give a piece that will really stand out to everyone who sees it.
Metal print of a painting showing waves rolling to shore during sunset with palm trees in the foreground by Heather Brown surf art
As a new edition to my blogs, i am adding some of the press that I have received from the release of certain pieces. This excerpt came from an art critic from Australia after seeing my art at The Wyland Gallery in Waikiki. It's been so hard for me to share these types of things as I feel that it may come across as bragging but I have been working so hard on refining my style for over 20 years now and while I am humble for my success I am also proud that my art is being accepted and admired around the world. 
My hopes as an artist has never waned. I just want to create art that shows nature's beauty to bring a smile to your face and a little extra Aloha to your heart. Thank you for your support and your time to read about my art!

Introducing Heather Brown, the unparalleled "Godmother of Surf Art," whose visionary creations have become synonymous with the vibrant spirit and soul of the surfing world. With a palette as dynamic as the ocean she adores, Heather Brown has carved out an iconic niche in the realm of surf art, blending passion, talent, and a deep connection to the waves.

Renowned for her ability to capture the essence of surf culture on canvas, Heather infuses each masterpiece with the raw energy and indomitable allure of the sea. Her artistry serves as a visual anthem to the surfing lifestyle, transporting viewers to sun-kissed shores and exhilarating breaks.

Heather has not only mastered traditional artistic techniques but has also embraced cutting-edge methods, pushing the boundaries of surf art into uncharted territories. From breathtaking seascapes to soul-stirring portraits of wave riders, her portfolio resonates with authenticity, celebrating the freedom and thrill that define the surfing experience.

Being a surfer, Heather brings an intimate understanding of the surfer's journey to her work. Her creations are a testament to the symbiotic relationship between artist and ocean, capturing the dance of light on water and the unspoken connection surfers share with the waves.

Recognized globally, Heather Brown's art graces galleries, surf shops, and private collections around the world. A beacon for aspiring artists and surf enthusiasts alike, she continues to inspire new generations to embrace the beauty of the ocean through her evocative and timeless creations.

In the grand tapestry of surf art, Heather Brown stands as a luminary who has etched her legacy into the very fabric of the surfing world. Her brushstrokes are not just strokes on canvas; they are an ode to the eternal dance between surf and soul, ensuring that the allure of the waves lives on in each stroke of her artistic brilliance.

Robert Hughes