Juicy Sunset by Heather Brown

"Juicy Sunset" is one of my oldest pieces that is still one of my best sellers to this day.
art print by heather brown surf of very vibrant colorful hawaiian sunset
In the early 2000's I was sitting on the sand at Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai'i and experienced the most vivid and captivating sunset I had ever seen (and trust me, I watch them almost every night!

As the day came to a close in the Hawaiian paradise, the sky transformed into a masterpiece of colors. The first sign of the impending sunset was a soft, warm glow on the horizon, casting a gentle golden hue over the sea and sand. The tropical trade wind breeze against my back carried with it the faint scent of the earthy notes of the lush Hawaiian flora.

As the minutes passed, the sky became a canvas for nature's artistry. The sun, a radiant orange orb, began its descent, casting long, elongated shadows across the sand. While the water shimmered with a molten appearance, as if the very surface of the sea has turned to liquid colors.

The sky kept creating for us all to see, blending from shades of orange to deep, fiery reds and purples. The clouds that adorn the sky catch the sun's last rays, transforming them into soft, cotton candy pink, and the sky itself seems to be on fire. The sun's reflection on the water creates a path of shimmering brilliance that stretches endlessly towards the horizon.

As the sun finally made it to the edge of the world, it took a final, gracious bow before disappearing below the ocean's surface. The afterglow was equally breathtaking, with hues of pink and purple slowly giving way to a star-studded Hawaiian night.

I with many others that night continued to sit in awe of what we all saw and then as if it was orchestrated, everyone left started cheering uncontrollably.

It was not long after that when I sat down at my easel and painted for the next few days. I painted so many studies and variations of it but finally decided on one of my first attempts because it conveyed my feeling from the evening the best!

Mahalo for reading and your continued support of my art!


Juicy Sunset is available as a matted print in multiple sizes with our reclaimed frame options too!

art print of sunset over the hawaiian ocean by heather brown

Beautifully Vibrant prints on metal available on 3 sizes. Lightweight and thin with a very sleek modern feel

metal art print of hawaii sunset by heather brown

metal print detail of heather brown art

surf art with colorful sunset shown displayed in house


Heather Brown is a contemporary surf artist known for her vibrant coastal and ocean-themed artwork. Based in Hawaii, she specializes in creating colorful and tropical scenes inspired by the beauty of the Hawaiian islands. Heather Brown's work is characterized by its unique blend of surf culture and nature, making her a prominent figure in the world of beach and coastal art.