Heather Brown Surf Art "Twilight Paradise"

Aloha Everyone!

Thank you all for reading my blog posts! I have received so many thoughtful emails and messages and it seems that a lot of you really like to hear the stories behind my art! So here is another edition for one of my newer releases, Fruit Stripe Twilight.

Fruit Stripe Twilight by Heather Brown

A captivating painting featuring the serene beauty of a Hawaiian beach at twilight. Soft, pastel colors grace the sky as the sun sets, casting a gentle glow over the sandy shore and calm ocean waves. Nature's harmony and the allure of twilight are elegantly depicted in this artwork

Hawai'i is always so inspiring to me and loves to show me different moods and tones. One day walking down to the beach to enjoy the sunset we stayed around a bit longer to enjoy the beauty that comes with the twilight hours. I love the soft feeling it brings to me as the last lights shimmering on the waves as they hit the shore.

That was my description for my website of Twilight Paradise, now here is a little more of the story


Since moving to Hawai'i in the late 90's, Hawai'i has never ceased to amaze and inspire me with its ever-changing moods and vibrant tones. During one of my seaside walks with my husband Chris and our 4 dogs, we strolled down to the beach in eager anticipation of the evenings sunset, but then something magical started happening in the sky. Now for a little background, We have probably watched over a thousand sunsets on the beaches here in Hawai'i and what we saw after the sun hit the ocean was absolutely mesmerizing! So instead of leaving right after the sun dipped below the horizon, w lingered, captivated by the enchanting beauty that unfolded for us during the twilight hours.
The soft, pastel hues of twilight painted the sky in a breathtaking symphony of colors, casting a serene glow over the land. I couldn't help but be entranced by the last, golden rays of light shimmering on the gentle waves, creating a mesmerizing dance of reflections as they embraced the sandy shore. Something was just extra special that day. That night keeps me excited like it's Christmas morning every evening we go down to the beach
I can not express my gratitude to the Land, the Sea and the beautiful people of Hawai'i enough. Because of them we are able to use moments like theses as a profound reminder of the endless inspiration that Hawai'i offers to me as an artist. It's in these moments that I find the purest form of artistic inspiration, where nature's beauty reveals itself in the most poetic way.
The 'Fruit Stripe Twilight' art print is a tribute to that unforgettable evening, where the serene ambiance and exquisite colors of twilight became an inseparable part of my artistic journey. It's a celebration of the delicate balance between the fading daylight and the emerging darkness, a moment that I hold dear and cherish in my heart. I hope this story encourages you to go out and spend some time with Nature!
Fruit Stripe Twilight in available as a Limited Edition giclee on canvas, a print on bamboo and a matted print available framed or unframed.
Fruit Stripe Twilight on Bamboo available with or without bamboo border
heather brown surf bamboo art print of twilight paradise a pastel piece showing breaking waves in the foreground with small islands in the background
bamboo surf art print detail by heather brown
Twilight Paradise Limited Edition Giclee
heather brown art on canvas featuring twilight ocean and beach painting hangin on wall over bed
Fruit Stripe Twilight matted print available available with or without our reclaimed wood frames that we make on the North Shore of Oahu.
heather brown tropical beach art print with pastel waves and two islands in the background
framed art print by heather brown with pastel waves breaking on the shore with two islands in the sea