Heather Brown Reflection on her painting "Sleepy Honu"


Painting of a sleeping sea turtle on the beach next to the ocean and a plumeria tree by Heather Brown Surf ART

Sleepy Honu

As an artist, there are moments when inspiration strikes like a gentle wave and it feels almost like it is guiding my paintbrush to create something truly special. "Sleepy Honu" is one such creation, a painting that holds a special place in my heart.

Immersed in my love for the ocean, I wanted to capture the essence of serenity and the profound connection between nature and our inner selves. The Sleepy Honu became the perfect symbol for this vision, embodying both tranquility and a sense of profound wisdom: Be Here Now

With each brushstroke, I pour my life's experiences and always try to bring my subjects to life. With this radiant sea turtle, I carefully chose hues that mirrored the vibrant hues of the ocean - from the shimmering blues of the water to the warm golden tones of the sun-kissed sand. The turtle's shell reflects the intricate patterns and rich textures that make it a true marvel of nature.

I love to paint  life as a tranquil expression of reality. The Green Sea Turtle (Honu in Hawaiian)  with closed eyes speaks of a peaceful detachment from the outside world, enjoying a serene journey within. As I painted, I imagined the Honu drifting through the waves after she wakes up and riding the rhythmic movements of the beautiful Hawaiian waters.

print of sleeping sea turtle on beach in Hawaii with waves and flowers

Sleepy Honu is available as a matted print on sustainable reclaimed sugarcane paper. You can also pick one of our reclaimed wood frames all made on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai'i

framed heather brown print sea turtle, waves, beach plumeria flowers


Heather Brown is a full time surf artist on the Island of Kaua'i.

She has made her life's work around the ocean, in nature and enjoying all the creatures of the Earth.