Candy Surf- A spring pastel surf girl journey by Heather Brown

Spring pastels, a bikini and some fun waves are the dream of every surf girl this time of year!!

I want the viewer of "Candy Surf" to indulge in the picturesque charm of a spring time pastel painting. Watching as the lone surf girl  wait for her time to jump in amidst the backdrop of rolling Hawaiian waves on a postcard perfect sun-drenched day. I'm Always trying to encapsulate the pure essence of surf culture and the beauty of the coast. I want to blend the pastel colors of Candy Surf with serene moments in time seamlessly. I invite you this Easter weekend to transport yourself to the idyllic shores of Kaua'i, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Hawai'i or any other of your favorite beaches with my depiction of a perfect spring day!

Candy Surf is now available as a matted print in 3 different sizes

You can also pick out one of our frames available in all 3 sizes! We make all of our frames on The North Shore of Oahu using as much reclaimed materials as we can. Every frame is handmade start to finish in Hawai'i!

If you like to bring your art everywhere with you, we also make a great little beach clutch with the Candy Surf art

Framed prints are perfect for adding a touch of beach bliss to any space. Bring home Candy Surf today and let the waves of inspiration wash over you!

Thank you always for your continued support of my art!

Aloha and Mahalo!