The Good Vibe Tree - Bamboo wood print of friendly birds hanging out together in a colorful tree by tropical artist Heather Brown
Try it with a Bamboo Wood Grain bordering Heather's Beautiful artwork?
Perfectly sanded, sturdy, and finished 3/4" edges
Keyhole backing for easy hanging!

The Good Vibe Tree

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"I've been working on this painting for a while now. I really wanted to create a piece of art that was filled with vibrant colors and a positive feeling. Art that distracts the viewer from the current state of the world. Art that creates feelings of a time when you were a child and the world was filled with wonder and imagination."

-H Brown

Bamboo wood prints featuring friendly birds hanging out together in a colorful tree by tropical artist Heather Brown. She painted this to share good vibes and encourage people everywhere to respect each other and enjoy life. These sustainable bamboo panels are made with 100% solar power using the world’s most eco-conscious and organic materials. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing, renewable resources in the world. With it’s properties comparable to hardwood, bamboo is the ideal alternative to increasingly scarce tropical hardwoods. Because the bamboo plant does not die after harvesting (as with trees) there is no deforestation which makes it the most sustainable choice!

Each panel has unique natural bamboo wood grain, which gives the printed artwork wonderful character. In fact, no two prints are ever the same! They go through several rounds of hand-sanding to provide a glass-like finish and are finally printed with a matte finish using eco-friendly printing processes.

These bamboo wood prints can be ordered in two dynamic ways. Either fully printed to the edges of the panel or a border option that shows some of the natural bamboo around the print, giving it a framed effect and highlighting the beautiful organic bamboo grain.

  • 10" x 8" or 14" x 11" sustainable bamboo wood panel (3/4" thick)

  • Artwork may vary slightly from pictured: Panels may include knots, splits, and other natural wood characteristics

  • Signature on front of print

  • Includes a keyhole hanging carved into back for easy display!

Tropical Hawaii artist Heather Brown has gained a worldwide reputation for her unique style and depictions of idealistic Hawaiian landscapes including sandy beaches, epic waves, figurative surfers, and exotic tropical flowers.