Weekend Slide by Heather Brown


We are having our first real winter storm here on Kaua'i this weekend, While we have had some cooler weather and rainy days, this weekend is definitely the coldest, windiest and rainiest in a while.

While I always love spending time at the beach or our yard or anywhere outside, sometimes these weekends are just what I need to slow down a bit, watch some movies and enjoy the sound of rain on the roof.

The colors of the weekend outside reminded me of my painting, Weekend Slide. When I first painted this piece, it was during a Kona Low in Hawai'i, which generally brings days of non-stop rain. We went down to the beach one day and the colors were mesmerizing! Not the normal turquoise seas and blue skies with pure whit clouds. Everything had a different mood and hue, while different, it was so beautiful at the same time.

I enjoyed working on Weekend Slide for the next week or so of rains and I still think of it every time we get a little bout of winter weather.

heather brown painting of surf girl on greenish waves

Weekend Slide by Heather Brown

Weekend Slide is currently available as a limited edition giclee on canvas in multiple sizes as well as a matted print on recycled sugar cane paper. We also have some great frames made on the North Shore of Oahu that can fit any size matted print.

Weekend Slide Limited Edition Giclee by Heather Brown


heather brown surf art print surf girl on greenish tint wave

Weekend Slide Matted Print by Heather Brown Surf Art

surfing girl on greenish wave framed print by Heather Brown Surf Art

Modern Surf Artist Heather Brown's Weekend Slide Framed Print

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