Summer in Hawaii Dreams

Is anyone else out there totally consumed by counting the days down to summer?
The last few weeks here on Kaua'i have been so windy and rainy (our normal for this time of year) that I have been painting in jeans, long shirt, slippers and in the early mornings an extra Patagonia vest! Well, to be totally transparent also, my studio space is currently out on our screened in Lanai as we are finally working on my actual studio in the house!!
With every paint stroke, my mind wanders back to all of the great summer memories I have had with my family and friends over the years. Surfing out of season swells in the summer on the North Shore with nobody around. Spending hours combing the beaches for shells. All day beach parties, my thriving garden and time spent enjoying watching the white clouds pass by on the blue sky.
I painted Summer Surf Girl to celebrate the beautiful south swell season here in Hawai'i, whether in Waikiki or any of the other Islands secret summertime spots

heather brown painting of surfer girl on beautiful turquoise wave agains blue sky

Summer Surf Girl by Heather Brown

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