Gallery Wall Art

Walking into a gallery, one of the first things a visitor recognizes with/without realizing is the careful arrangement of wall art to create an appealing design. We believe wall art is so important because it allows the spectator to imagine how it might look on their own walls inside their homes or office spaces. A visually well-arranged wall could mean the difference between a piece of artwork sold or overlooked.

As a publisher, some of Black Sand Publishing's favorite displays of Heather Brown wall art have come from the Greenroom Festivals in Japan. With a mixture of matted prints, wood block prints, surfboard decks and canvas wall art makes for an impressive representation of wall décor. Various mixtures of different mediums including canvas, wood, aluminum and even metallic wall art, (though not Heather’s style) can draw an observer’s eye to the wall, making it a defining focal point in any room or gallery.

HB Wall Art - Greenroom Festival 2014, Japan

Photo courtesy 2014 Greenroom Festival, Yokohama Japan

(Blog article courtesy Black Sand Publishing)


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