Surf Art Wood Panels by Heather Brown

Aloha Everyone!

I have received a lot of emails and inquiries and we are good and safe as we actually left the Islands about a week ago for some shows in California and some time at our Colorado studio, but please keep nothing but positive thoughts in your head and heart for everyone in Hawai'i as these two storms start bearing down. Hawaii Ohana, please stay safe!

A few weeks ago I had mentioned that we were working on something very special following the release of my first book "The Art of Heather Brown"  Well we debuted these special new wood panel prints during the Haleiwa Arts Festival this July on Oahu and now they are available shipped worldwide from my website

My husband, The Captain Surfs, and I have collaborated on many things in the past 7 years or so and this is the latest. Chris sourced sustainably harvested yellow pine wood, cuts them into these beautiful panels, sands them smooth and uses a special UV printing process on them that gives a really cool and unique feel to some originals that I was able to find scans of during the research period of putting my book together. The Art itself is a culmination of older original art that I never released other than the actual original at a show. So many of these pieces just jumped out at me when we were looking at my archives and I wanted to share them with all of you!

Each piece will be limited release and each one is unique in itself as each panel has different wood grain textures so even the same image can appear a bit different from piece to piece.

To see the entire collection you can visit the "Wood Panel Print" section of my website to see what is currently available as well as click on any of the images below (just a sampling) and they will take you directly to that image for details.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of these, I would love to hear your feedback!


bird art
Surf Art Bird by Heather Brown

heather brown
Hawaii Art by Heather Brown

hawaii artist
Surf Art Bird by Heather Brown

surf artist
Waterfall Wood Panel Print by Heather Brown

surfing art
Surf Art by Heather Brown on wood panel

bird art
Surf Bird by Heather Brown

surf art
Wave art by Heather Brown

heather brown art
surfy birdie art by Heather Brown

heather brown
Surf Art by Hawaii's Heather Brown