Hawaii Art News: Heather Brown Releases 3 New Special Editions


I hope that everyone is having a great week so far! It has been beautiful and very hot here on the North Shore the past week or so and after finishing my last show on Saturday, we have been soaking up some much needed beach time and lots of time playing in the ocean!

My next showing will be on August 15, 2014 at Bliss 101 with fellow artist, Susan Wickstrand Roche. I have not done a southern California show in a few years, so I am excited to come for this show as well as the Moore's Cancer Center at UCSD Scripps Pier Longboard Luau on the 17th. I have created the art for this event and the original will be auctioned off there that day with proceeds going to cancer research. Hope you can make it to one of these great events (or both!!)

This past Saturday at my show at The Wyland Gallery in Waikiki I released 3 really special new editions. These new limited editions are very special to me because they are paintings of some silkscreen images that I made for my Bachelor of Fine Arts Show when I attended the University of Hawai'i at Manoa. While doing some studio cleaning and re-organizing, we came across some of the old silkscreens and Chris really wanted to put them up on our walls, but they were pretty molded and not very well taken care of for the past 12+ years so I decided that I was going to do some painting renditions of them. These pieces mark some of the first pieces I ever created in this style that I have been most known for.

The first piece is "Waikiki Coastline"
I first did this pieces as a silkscreen then did a similar painting in 2007 for the Honolulu Magazine Best of Hawaii Edition cover when I was first named Best Artist in Hawaii. I started surfing in Waikiki and This is the view I imagine the birds get when they are cursing around on a nice south swell day.
This original is still available at The Wyland Gallery in Waikiki. If you are interested in the original, please contact them directly.

heather brown waikiki
Surf Artist Heather Brown's depiction of the Waikiki Coastline
The next two pieces are being released as "platinum editions" the edition size is very small (only 50 versus the normal 250) they are being released with a matte finish versus the normal semi gloss finish to give them more of the original feel of the original art and the silkscreen and each one will include a very special hand pulled silkscreen as an accompaniment.

This piece is called "Parking Lot Birds"
When I was going to school at UH, I would ride my moped down to Waikiki every free moment to try and grab some waves, on my way back I used to stop at a small little convenience store to get a drink or some snacks for the evening of print making that was ahead of me and I LOVed seeing all the little birds hanging in the lot waiting for the smallest of crumbs to drop and it just seemed like they had such a funny little community. This is my rendition of what I saw.
The original is sold, but the platinum edition canvases are available now!

heather brown birds
Heather Brown's "Parking Lot Birds" Platinum Edition Series

This last piece is called "City Birds"
From the same time period as The Parking Lot Birds, when I would ride into Waikiki and see all the high rise buildings reaching the clouds. I would always think that these birds had the greatest views and would wonder what they would be thinking as they watched the madness of Waikiki from above. The original is sold, but the platinum edition canvases are available now!

heather brown hawaii
Waikiki Art by Heather Brown "City Birds"