Heather Brown Surf Art Spring Tour 2014 Week 3


Well we just finished week 3 and taking big steps into week 4 of my Spring 2014 tour! We had a fun and busy week and today we have a day off before tomorrows, Tuesday May 20, 2014, Special surprise add on book signing at The Greenroom Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo!!

Here is a little peak into the last week:

We started the week with a couple of days off from shows. We were super stoked to get to visit our good friend John who owns and operates a really cool restaurant and art studio called Kaneyo in Yokuska Japan. John also runs a really cool event each year called Art on The Beach, I was so happy to take part in this event about 5 years ago. You can check out Kaneyo and Johns blog here: http://art-onthebeach.com  Not Only is John such a great guy and amazing artist himself, his restaurant is one of my very favorites around the world, and as a bonus when it is nice outside, you can be eating watching the ocean with your toes in the sand!

Kaneyo Restaurant and Art Studio. Yokuska Japan

Heather Brown, John from Kaneyo and The Captain Surfs 
John took us for a walk down the beach in Yokuska where we saw so many people digging for clams (which we ate later with garlic linguini) harvesting sea weed, coming in from fishing with boats and combing the beach for beautiful shells.

Cleaning Sea Weed before drying 
Massive rows of drying sea weed. So pretty when the different light of the day comes through them

 Always so happy to get to spend some time with the Dogs! This is John's dog Ko-Chan!
Heather Brown and Ko Chan
We even had some great music from John, Jun and The Captain to take us into the sunset on the beach

Jun Yoshimura and The Captain Surfs Playing music on the beach. Kaneyo. Yokuska Japan May 2014
The following morning we woke up to another beautiful day and went for a nice long walk on the beaches in Kamakura Japan. Kamakura is a really cool little beach town close to Tokyo, We always feel so much at home when we are here.
Heather Brown on the beach in Kamakura Japan. May 2014
While walking around, we met some people that knew my art! I was so surprised to be in such a small little fishing village and there were people who collected my art! This family owns and operates a nori company right on the beach. They gave us lots of their delicious Nori to take back with us too! Mahalo Nui Loa!!
Heather Brown and fans. Yokuska Japan. May 2014
 On our morning walk we met up with some local surfers and the owner of Sea Gull Surf Shop. It was nice to hang out and talk surf, art and travel with them.
Heather Brown, The Captain and the crew of Sea Gull Surf Shop at the beach in Kamakura Japan. May 2014

Fun Longboard Waves in Kamakura Japan. May 2014
 I had a book signing event at The Greenroom Gallery in Kamakura and we lucked out with no rain as the actual store is a bit too small to have an event inside. Everyone was happy and we had a great time!! Mahalo Greenroom Galleries for all of your support!!
Heather Brown Art Signing at The Greenroom Gallery in Kamakura Japan May 2014 

One of the highlights of my trip was getting to meet our good friends new baby girl!  Yusuke and Rika Hanai have been friends for many years now and we are so lucky to always be able to meet up in Japan and Hawai'i each year. This visit was the most special. Yusuke is one of my all time favorite artists. You can check out his amazing work Here: http://hanaiyusuke.com/index.html The Captain and I have been collecting his art for years, and we are always wanting more!
Rika and Yusuke Hanai with little Umeno-chan, Heather Brown, the Captain Surfs
With our couple of days in the country done, we got back on the train and headed back to Tokyo 
Tea Fields along the train ride
 My first show back in Tokyo was at WTW in Aoyama. We had a huge turnout and so much fun! Mahalo WTW for supporting my art here in Japan!

Heather Brown with Heather Brown Gallery and WTW Staff in Aoyama Japan

We do ALOT of walking around and exploring when we are in Japan, and sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses!
Heather Brown. Stop and smell the Roses!

Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs Tokyo Tower May 2014

 Yesterday I had my last show of week 3 at  Sagamihara Isetan. Wow! A huge show with a huge turnout! I actually do not have any pictures from the actual event, but this was just before the start. Mahalo to everyone who came out and to the staff of The Heather Brown Gallery Tokyo and Sagamihara Isetan for putting on a great event!

Heather Brown Art at Sagamihara Isetan

 No trip to Tokyo is complete for me without a visit to see Hachi. If you don;t know the story about Hachi, you should check it out, they even made a hollywood movie based on Hachi, but the real Hachi story is much more incredible. When we were there, there was some interesting filming going on, so of course, they had to ask The Captain to join!
The Captain Surfs with Hachi and the Hachi Dancers in Shibuya, Tokyo May 2014
Going into week 4, the last week of my tour!! This week I will have singings at:
Greenroom Gallery Shibuya on Tuesday May 20, 2014 from 6-8 pm
WTW Futakotamagawa on Wednesday May 21, 2014 from 3-5 pm
and finishing up at The Greenroom Festival on Saturday and Sunday May 24/25, 2014. This year we will have a container outside between the two Red Brick buildings for my art and The Captain Surfs will have a wall of art up in the Art Gallery in the Red Brick building. Please come by and say ALOHA!!

So it has been a great and busy tour. Thank you again to everyone who has come out to my shows on this tour! I am so happy that my art is bringing smiles to your faces and ALOHA to your hearts!! Wherever you may roam, please remember to smile, share happiness and Let Peace Prevail!
May Peace Prevail On Earth sign outside of a small shrine in Kamakura Japan