Heather Brown 2014 Spring Tour Week 2


Here we are settling into the third week of my Spring tour and it has been so much fun and so busy this past week! We just figured out that we have woken up in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo again and on to Kamakura each of the previous days this week, so it has been a whirlwind of shows, great meals, taxis, more great meals, friends, more terrific meals, trains, hotels and art!

Here are some images from the past week, you can keep up with my schedule here: http://www.heatherbrownart.com/pages/shows-tour-dates

We got so lucky and Brian Setzer Orchestra was in Osaka at the same time we were so we were able to see this legend rock out! It's funny because both Chris and I listened to the Stray Cats as young kids and now in our 40's we got to see Brian Setzer play and they played old Cats tunes too!!
Brian Setzer Orchestra Osaka Japan May 2014
 We eat ALOT when we are here, and all the food is so Oishi (delicious) this was at a small curry house with about 10 seats in Osaka.

Osaka Gallery Lunch crew grinding on some of the best curry around

about 6 years ago was my first real Japan tour, our first stop on that tour was in Kyoto at a small cafe (about 250 square feet) on Philosophy Lane called Cafe Cherry. The owner Masumi, agreed to let us show art there (not knowing who we were or anything, but just our of her kindness) Her daughter and her worked tirelessly to make sure the show was a success and fed us and made us feel like family, since then, we have outgrown her space, but we always get to see her and share some ALOHA when we are in Kyoto. Mahalo Masumi and Cafe Cherry, you exemplify ALOHA. If you are in Kyoto, please visit her cool little cafe and say KONICHIWA!
Heather Brown and The Captain with Cafe Cherry Owner in Kyoto

This picture was taken above my show this past week at the Kyoto Takashimaya event. It is very surreal for me to see this, as I could have never imagined being able to share my art, love and Aloha with so many people. Mahalo to the Kyoto Takashimaya staff and everyone who came out for this great day!
hawaii art
Heather Brown Art Show Kyoto Takashimaya May 2014

hawaii artist heather brown
Heather Brown Art 
We had a show at The Heather Brown Gallery in Osaka this past week to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of my newest gallery in Japan. Mahalo to the great staff and everyone who came out to the show to help celebrate! I can;t believe it has already been a year since we opened, felt like just yesterday I was painting this sign in my hotel room the night before the grand opening!
heather brown gallery osaka
Heather Brown and fans at The Heather Brown Gallery 1 year anniversary show

surf artist
Heather Brown Gallery Osaka 1 Year Anniversary Show May 2014

Heather Brown Gallery Osaka Staff Dinner

Heather Brown Art Show
 Iki is an artist from Japan and he also works part time at my Osaka Gallery. The Captain and I were blessed with a gift of his art. We are big fans!
Heather Brown, Iki, The Captain Osaka May 2014
 Some more friends from our first trip to Kyoto who we have been lucky enough to keep in touch with through the years and catching up with all around the country, Ko Jun and his wife Maya have helped us out everywhere from Tokyo, Kyotot (their home) even down to Okinawa. Ko Jun is the president of a beautiful temple in Kyoto and I was even lucky enough to do a show there a couple of years back, they exude ALOHA and even went to see Brian Setzer with us!
Heather Brown, Ko Jun, Maya and The Captain. Kyoto May 2014

Heather Brown Gallery Osaka
 We have been selling art through WTW for a couple of years now and I was excite to do y first show with them this year in Kobe. Mahalo WTW for the support and thanks to everyone who came out to this weekday show in Kobe.
surf art surf art
Heather Brown and the WTW Kobe Staff May 2014
 Happy to see so many people picking up my new book "The Art of Heather Brown" Limited Editions are selling out quickly!
Surf Artist Heather Brown signing one of here new Limited Edition "The Art of Heather Brown" books

surf art
Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown at Kyoto Takashimaya SHow May 2014

In kyoto, I always make a stop at the original Tenkaippin! Here I am with my firmed and translator for my Japan tours Yuka about to eat some yummy ramen!
Heather Brown Tenkaippin Ramen Kyoto

The Beautiful Views in Kyoto Japan

Brian Setzer performing in Osaka Japan May 2014

heather brown
The Art of Heather Brown Limited Edition Books

Yummmmmm in Osaka
 Alas, with shows in different towns each day, we spend a lot of time on trains, taxis, subways and high speed shinkansen. Learning to pack for month long tours is a must!!
Heather Brown Travelling through Japan