Wind N Sea by Heather Brown

I just heard that the shack at Wind N Sea is gone from this winters swells. Wind N Sea with the shack on the rocks always epitomized the classic days of surfing to me. Anybody know if a new one will be put back up?
I did this piece, Wind N Sea, a year ago or so and I love to look at it and bring my memories back in time. You can check it out at any of the fine galleries worldwide that support my art or also on my website here.
surfing art from california
Wind N Sea by Heather Brown


  • Troy Brandon

    Hi Heather,
    Love your work!
    We live in Pacific Beach and bought your Wind N Sea print while in Hawaii last year.
    There was recently an article about the Surf Shack in the local news, see below.
    It has been a historical landmark since ’98 will local groups rebuilding as needed.
    Troy n Carrie

    WindanSea Surf Shack: A Historical Landmark