Silkscreen & Linocut Artwork

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2 products

Heather Brown Art Silkscreens & Linocuts

Heather Brown's Silk Screen Artwork is made by stretching artwork over a frame and pressing ink through the screen with a squeegee. Linocuts are designs cut into a linoleum surface with a sharp knife; ink is then applied to raised elements to leave imprint a reverse image onto the printing surface. All prints come with a signed matte and custom frame.

"Sometimes we use our surfboards as drying racks, sometimes I lose a print or two due to cat paws, but I love the organic feel of making creations like (these). I still burn all the images on my screens using the sun; no darkrooms or lightboxes. I still hand pull each color of each image, hand sign, number and matte each piece." -h.brown

This hands-on approach by the artist continues to be one of Heather Brown's favorite art forms.