Wishing EVERYONE a very HAPPY Holiday Season!

Wishing EVERYONE a very HAPPY Holiday Season! I want to thank each and every one of you for your support through this past year and beyond. Starting on Christmas Eve each year for the past 15 or so, I get a break from working for a week or so since nothing will get to anyone in time for holidays anymore, I finished painting for my last show of the year (December 30 at Wyland Gallery Waikiki) and I start cleaning my studio up from the last 10 months of craziness. Each year my mind wanders while listening to Christmas music (Chris is crazy about Christmas!), having my wonderful family and friends stopping in and out, eating festive foods and looking at the mess I have created in my studio. It wanders back to the time when I really wanted to be an artist but did not believe I could do it (because so many people told me I couldn't, and who really "makes it" as an artist) so I would go and take odd jobs that would turn into "sideline" careers for me. While I appreciate every job I was ever given and love the experience I gained, I wonder what would have happened if I believed in myself more earlier. I then fast forward to the year when I finally decided to take the plunge, the fear, uncertainness, anxiety, loss of sleep, poor diet, etc. But you know what..... That time is when YOU started to believe in me and my art, when people told me to continue my pursuit, when human beings (which if you watch the news, you thin all stink) gave me positive words of encouragement, love, aloha and the helping push to go deeper. For the past 15 years, YOU have been the catalyst in my art, YOU have been my inspiration, YOU have been my strength to keep working for the 19th day in a row at 12-15 hour clicks at my easel preparing for tours and shows, YOU have been the ones to show me the meaning of ALOHA in every corner of the globe I have been lucky enough to show my art. And for that I offer you a genuine and HUGE MAHALO NUI LOA! I hope that you will continue to be in my life of art and fun, I hope that I can continue to create art with the simple point of bringing a few more smiles to peoples faces and a little more aloha to their hearts and I hope that you all have the greatest holiday season whatever you may celebrate and the happiest new year! Mahalo! Mahalo! Mahalo!