It's so nice to see the news about more areas in America and around the world... August 04 2018

It's so nice to see the news about more areas in America and around the world trying to abolish single use plastics. Single use bags, straws and water bottles are literally trashing the coastlines in every country around the world, harming our reefs and sea creatures and forever changing our pristine Earth and ecosystems. Many in the few generations surrounding mine on both sides have become so accustomed to the convenience and ease of all tis single use plastic that is can feel so hard to be environmentally sensitive but there are some great small ways to get started. My husband and I started a small off shoot company about 9 years ago called Green With Aloha to try and help people stop using single use plastic bags while shopping. Thinking that if you had some beautiful shopping totes, it would make you more apt to use them, I am happy to report that we are still producing our made in America, 100% recycled cotton, heavy duty tote bags with reinforced straps still to this day. (side note: we are still using the first bags that we printed 9 years ago as our shopping bags, they have been used countless times, traveled the world with us and been washed hundreds of times and still hold up great!) Here is the original design which is still the best seller today, but hey, check out all the Green with Aloha totes and get yourself a collection to keep in your car so they are always handy when you stop at any store.

— Products shown: Green with Aloha Diamond Head Reusable Tote Bag by Heather Brown.