Weekend Slide by Heather Brown Surf Art now available!

Happy ALOHA Friday everyone!

I am so happy to release my newest Limited Edition on canvas piece, Weekend Slide!
I worked on painting the original for Weekend Slide this winter when we were having a lot of cloudy, rainy and cold days. While these days are hard to motivate, when you would make it down to the beach to get a surf you would find the most beautiful colors everywhere you looked. The wash of colors and how everything just seemed to melt into each other, the constant drips of water from tree branches, gutters, roofs, surfboards. The feeling that the Island was thankful for the abundance of rain.

I started working with canvases just to see how the colors would layer in different ways, using different techniques of wet blending, dry blending, scraping blending and some other homemade secrets. I love the mood and feel of these paint transitions and how it really converges with tropical beach art. Surfing and surf art to me are all about the feeling, and if you surf or love to spend time around the beaches, you know these tones and the feeling very well. To many of us, we obviously LOVE the bright sunny days where everything is postcard perfect, but for us who truly live "Life at Sea Level" we also relish days like these.

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!
Love each other, Love our Planet and Love all the creatures who we share it with! Aloha!

modern surf art
Weekend Slide by Kaua'i Surf Artist Heather Brown 

modern tropical art heather brown
Heather Brown Surf Art. Weekend Slide in Reclaimed Wood Frame made on North Shore Oahu


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