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Heather Brown Modern Cubist Surf Art January 07 2018, 0 Comments

Sunday Morning Nostalgia!
In the Barrel was one of the first pieces I painted after graduating UH. I waited for a couple of years before I sold it and had it scanned for print and released. This was right at the point that my cubist nature was getting a bit rounder and more detailed. I've always loved these colors together and the feeling that they invoke. There are a few of the limited edition canvas pieces left and available through the fine galleries worldwide that support my art as well as on my website.

Thanks for your interest in my art and continuing to follow the journey! Have a great day and spread the ALOHA!!

cubist surfing art
In the Barrel Surf Art by Heather Brown

Hawaii Art News: Heather Brown Releases 3 New Special Editions July 29 2014, 0 Comments


I hope that everyone is having a great week so far! It has been beautiful and very hot here on the North Shore the past week or so and after finishing my last show on Saturday, we have been soaking up some much needed beach time and lots of time playing in the ocean!

My next showing will be on August 15, 2014 at Bliss 101 with fellow artist, Susan Wickstrand Roche. I have not done a southern...

Surf Artist Heather Brown and University of Hawai'i Win National Award for their Campus ID's! April 19 2014, 0 Comments


I just found out that the University of Hawai'i ID that I donated my artwork piece "Glassy Green" for has won a National Award for the best Campus ID for 2014!! I am obviously so happy and proud that we won this award by I am by fan an even prouder UH Grad! Mahalo UH!!!

heather brown
Hawaii Artist Heather Brown and University of Hawaii win National Award for Campus ID Card Design

wave art
Surf Art on the University of Hawai'i Campus Cards by Heather Brown

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