Pipeline by Kaua'i tropical surf artist Heather Brown

“Although by the calendar it’s wintertime, the water is 75° and so is the air. The temperature only changes about 2° during the year, so unless you have sensitive skin you can’t tell if it’s winter or summer in Hawaii. Hawaii is truly land of an endless summer.”

- Bruce Brown from The Endless Summer

The Banzai Pipeline is so much to so many people. To many it is the most dangerous wave in the world. To some lucky groms, it is their after school playground. To the pros and up in coming pros it is known as the proving ground. To me it is a place with many faces. Spending years of my life living on the beach at off the wall and rockpiles, I have spent many hours mesmerized by the beauty of the Pacific as it graces the beach on the famous seven mile miracle of the North Shore of Oahu. Flat days diving the reef in the summer, small days sliding into a few lucky ones at Ehukai and Gums, stormy days rolling around int he shore break when nobody is around. And it also happens to be the site of my first date ever with my now husband 10 years ago. Needless to say, its a very special place to many and I always love to paint it. I originally painted this piece of Pipeline, titled Pipeline, in 2007/2008 while living in a small Ohana unit on the beach about 100 yards from this scene.

heather brown surf art of pipeline north shore Oahu
Pipeline surf art by Heather Brown ©2008

Happy ALOHA Friday! Here is a little flashback to Pipeline which I released in 2007-2008 and is still in my matted print catalog today. Wishing you all a wonderful day and a fun weekend ahead!

iconic surf art of pipeline by Heather brown north shore Oahu
Pipeline matted print available in 3 sizes by Heather Brown ©HeatherBrownArt
Also, all my prints and giclees are available with beautiful frames in different styles and colors made using reclaimed woods on the North Shore of Oahu.

pipeline surfing art by heather brown tropical art from Hawaii
Pipeline surf art by Heather Brown in reclaimed wood frame made on North Shore Oahu


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