Beautiful Hawaiian Flower Art by Heather Brown November 06 2017, 0 Comments

Aloha! I’ve decided to start a new blog series to talk a little more about my art and what it means to me. Today I’m focusing on my flower art. One of the things I love most about Hawaii is its plentiful Hawaiian flowers. I’ve fallen in love with all of the tropical flowers that surround this island, which is why you can find them in a lot of my paintings of flowers. Heleconias, hibiscuses and plumeria art are just a few of the many I love to paint. These beautiful flowers remind me of just how effortless it is to be inspired by all of Hawaii’s natural beauty. It’s easy to fall in love and stay in love when you’re constantly surrounded by such magnificent works of art all at the hands of mother nature!

Red Heliconias Tropical Hawaiian Flower Art Paintings by Heather Brown

My painting of “Red Heleconias” is an image I would wake up to often in the mornings when I would walk out of my home and gaze at the roaring blue and green surf. The red of the heleconias was the perfect contrast to the waters.

Hula Girl Hawaii Tropical Flower Art Design Paintings by Heather Brown

Another image that comes to mind is my painting of “Hula Girl.” Ever since I was a child, I stared in awe of a hula girl dancing. I am always taken aback by her beauty and strength as she dances so gracefully while wearing a flower crown and lei. This is my first ever hula girl that I’ve painted and it was such a joy for me to incorporate flower and lei art.

Hawaiian flowers continue to inspire me in my art and never seizes to remind me how special it is to be able to call Hawaii my home.

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