Heather Brown IPhone 6 and 6+ Cases Now Available! Limited Time Shipping Promo!

Happy ALOHA Friday!

Very happy to announce that my new IPhone 6 and 6+ cases are now available! AND.... for a limited time we are running a great promo on shipping! FREE Domestic USA shipping and $10 discounted International shipping!!

IPhone 6 cases
Surf Art IPhone Cases by Heather Brown

These cases are still made with 100% post consumer recycled plastics! Green with ALOHA!! and each case still donates 15% of the sales to the different charities and organizations that I work with! Each case donates to a different organization that you can see when you look at the cases on my website HERE


  • Laura Millon

    Hi there,
    Do you have any iPhone 6 cases available.
    I know…time for an upgraded phone BUT it’s actually for my 11 year old niece who loves your artwork and would love to have one for her iPhone 6.

    Thanks so much.

    Laura Millon

  • John

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