Heather Brown Surf Art New Releases for the 2014 Holidays!

Aloha Everyone!

Up early and getting prepared for my upcoming shows back on Oahu, Hawaii starting with the Annual Surf Art Show at The WYland Gallery in Haleiwa this coming Saturday December 13, 2014 from 4-7 pm! Then the Wyland Waikiki show the following evening of December 14, 2014. And wrapping up the year with our record release party for "Into the Wild with Bird Party" at The Greenroom Gallery on December 16, 2014!

We just released a few new items and collaboration projects on my website, and you still have time to get them for holiday delivery both Internationally and Domestically!

The first item is a new hand pulled 2 color silkscreen called Surf Trip framed in reclaimed barn wood.

framed surf art
Surf Art by Heather Brown "Surf Trip" Limited Edition Silkscreen Priint
The Next items are my new Limited Release Skateboard Series with The Captain Surfs and Hawaii Skateboard Company! Over the past few years of working with Hawaii Skateboard Company we have put out a few different types of boards and models, always working towards a goal like this! These boards are full color reproductions of some of my original art. These are 8 ply canadian maple decks that are ready to roll (just add trucks and wheels!) Each board is limited to no more than 100 pieces total worldwide. While these boards are beautiful pieces of art, they really are made to get out there and roll! 
For the first edition we made three new decks as seen below. Main image is bottom of the deck image with all 3 boards having the same wave design/Hawaii Skateboard Company top graphic.
The first in the series is the iconic image of Diamond Head. Every visitor to Waikiki snaps at least 1 photo of our natural landmark and it is one of the most recognized natural monuments in the world. I still find myself gazing out at Diamond Head every time I am in town surfing at Pop's or Queens!
heather brown
Diamond Head Limited Release Skateboard by Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown
The second piece in the edition is one of my oldest (and favorite) published pieces called Outer Reef. Since I first painted the original of Outer Reef, I always imagined it on a skateboard. This is the one I set up for myself!
Surf Art Skateboard "Outer Reef" by Heather Brown
And rounding out the series, here is the Surf Girl Limited Release Surf Art Skateboard! People who surf all have their moments when their skin tingles and the STOKE level goes through the roof. For me, it always starts just before my feet hit the water, looking out and seeing the beautiful waves rolling towards shore and embracing the beauty that surrounds us! This piece has that feel to me, and I currently have the first production piece of the Surf Girl Skateboard hanging in my studio
surf skateboard
Surf Girl Surf Art Skateboard by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown
Each one of the skateboard decks shown above also have a full color top deck featuring a wave design I did and the Hawaii Skateboard Company logo!
the captain surfs
Heather Brown Surf Art X Hawaii Skateboard Company Collaboration Decks 

And then...... We have finally had the official release of "Into the Wild with Bird Party" ! A new fun and unique collaboration between myself and The Captain Surfs. 
"Into the Wild with Bird Party" is a Limited Edition (each hand numbered) 7" record box set  of only 500 worldwide!
The was by far one of the most fun projects I have ever been a part of. From start to finish we took over 16 months to complete this and just the other day Chris and I were hand numbering and putting all the pieces of this set together on our studio floor. 
Into the Wild with Biord Party is more than music, more than art, more than ideas! This is a full set of art, music (both in 7"marble vinyl and free digital download) and imagination.

Limited Edition Record Box Set "Into the Wild with Bird Party" music written, recorded and performed by The Captain Surfs and features exclusive artwork by Hawaii artist Heather Brown.

Listen to the upbeat guitar and ukulele instrumentals from Bird Party in this beautifully packaged limited edition record box set. The edition is limited to only 500 copies and include:

  • Special Limited edition "7" record "Into the Wild with Bird Party" pressed on various colored marble vinyl (no two are the same) each record is hand etched on vinyl with edition number.

  • (4) Four signed 5x7" photographs of the Bird Party Band members. ONLY AVAILABLE IN THIS LIMITED EDITION SET!

  • Limited edition accordion card with record liner notes and musician bio. ONLY AVAILABLE IN THIS LIMITED EDITION SET!

  • HB Sticker

Enjoy the stereophonic good vibes with the Bird Party - Yuka, Sherman, Dale and Sunny!

Here is the custom outer box printed with exclusive art on each side that holds the record and all the goodies!
bird party
Into the Wild with Bird Party Limited Edition Record Box Set by Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs 

 These 4 prints come with the set! Each original Heather Brown piece was scanned and printed to look like old polaroid pictures measuring 5"x7" and come complete with autographs from the bands founding members; Dale, Sunny, Yuka and Sherman!
Heather Brown's Paintings for Into the Wild with Bird Party
 We wanted to create the actual record like something out of the 1970's. Both The Captain Surfs and I grew up listening to records and spending hours looking through the record sleeve and accompanying pieces. The record itself (as shown) is printed on random marble vinyl (no two are exactly alike) there are 2 songs per side and a free digital download is included! The record comes in an old style gatefold cover (shown closed here) that opens up to show exclusive art and liner notes. Each record has two unique pieces of art only found here by me on the actual record labels too! This is a full package of art music and fun and we hope you can get your hands on one before they all sell out! These sets are limited to only 500!!
the captain surfs
Into the Wild with Bird Party Limited Edition Record Box Set by The Captain Surfs and Heather Brown

heather brown
Into the Wild with Bird Party Limited Edition Record Box Set by Heather Brown and The Captain Surfs