Heather Brown Surf Art Coffee Tumblers Now Available for the Holidays!

Happy ALOHA Friday!

Happy to announce that we have made a limited release of a new re-usable porcelain coffee tumbler! I love the fact that surf art can be with you all through your day starting from the morning time! As a surf artist in Hawaii, I am often rushing out of my house at first light (or before) to tray and find some fun waves before a day in the studio. While I have had many re-usable mugs before, I love the feel of the double insulated porcelain cup and the soft silicone lid with this tumbler. I created the art especially for this limited run of tumblers and once they are gone....they are gone!

useable art
Heather Brown Surf Art Coffee Tumblers

Take your surf art with you on early morning surf checks or to the office!