Heather Brown's Surfing Bird Ohana

Happy ALOHA Friday Everyone!!

I hope you all had a great week and have even better weekend plans ahead!

We have been super busy getting ready to be on the road for almost a month in Japan and Australia! Lots of work going on and some great and fun new art to show everyone really soon!!

I receive a lot of questions regarding the subject of BIRDS that I love to paint so much. It really confuses some people and most others just love to see the funny whimsical birds doing everyday human things like SURFING!!

I have always enjoyed watching birds, when I was younger I could sit at the window of my house and just watch them for hours, making up personalities for them, little conversations they would have and being fully intrigued by their actions and motivations. Well, this habit hash;t stopped (just ask my husband Chris!) I still get excited every time I see these little guys and girls and I love painting them just as much.

I recently painted a series or a Bird Ohana (Family) based on all of our good friends starting their beautiful little families. This was by far one of my favorite series yet to paint as the smile on my face never left through all the hours of painting them and I still love to look at them.

While most of the originals got scooped up right away, there is still this cute little girl original who would love to come to a new home!

surfing bird
Hawaii Surf Artist Heather Brown shares her whimsical surfing birds

While the other originals have sold out, sort a limited release, we now have available some of them on our new wood panel prints! Due to the limited release of these prints, if you are interested, you may want to pick one up now!

hawaii surf art
Heather Brown Surf Art Birds 

surf art
Surfing Bird Ohana Dad by Heather Brown

heather brown
Surfing Bird Wood Panel Prints by Hawaii Artist Heather Brown

surfing art
Surfer Girl Birdie by Heather Brown